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a Xhosa word meaning ‘all good’ encapsulates the principles on which this local company was created.

all good – We are South African company that aims to contribute towards a thriving local economy by creating jobs
all good – Through innovation, we create value with affordable, modern, quality furniture
all good – Our furniture is eco-friendly, non-toxic and 100% recyclable
all good – Incredibly strong and surprisingly light, our tables and chairs are easily manoeuvrable
all good – Want a different look? No problem, our furniture is versatile – change the print whenever you want.

Pashasha embraces the rough edges of life: we celebrate texture.
It’s raw, it’s imperfect, but that’s the way we like it.


Taking its name from the visual resemblance to a bee’s honeycomb, honeycomb board has a hexagonal inner cellulose structure that is sandwiched between specially treated boards.

  • Due to its structure, honeycomb board has high compression properties (how much pressure it can withstand before breaking). It can withstand impact and high loads.
  • Honeycomb board offers excellent rigidity and is hard-wearing.
  • It is environmentally friendly – 100% recyclable and non-toxic.
  • Honeycomb board is also economical – it uses a minimum amount of material to reach minimal weight and minimal material cost. It provides outstanding value for its level of strength and rigidity.
  • Due to its minimal weight, honeycomb board is easy to transport and move.


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